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CNC Centre

In view of the deepening globalization of the world market economy practically all production sectors are permanently under the pressure of nationalisation aimed at achieving better and better products within the shorter and shorter time.

Referring to the construction of machines and equipment the need of modifications of the existing process chains results from the striving after more advantageous technical and economical effects in the conditions of the competitive production.

To ensure the increase in the work productivity while meeting the requirements in terms of dimension/shape accuracy (narrow tolerances) and surface quality (low surface roughness) the development of machine tools as regards its construction, but also the development of the control systems is necessary. The CNC woodworking enables fast, precise, and highly repeatable performance often very complicated shapes. The typical computerized process production includes the computer-supported designing phases (CAD), and the conversion of the design into the plan of the control of machines (CAM), and CNC (real performance).

Centrum cnc

We offer you professional prefabrication of the structures constructed of your wood as well as our own one.

Our offer is addressed to the both individual customers and professionals. As a well experienced manufacturer of wooden structures we provide the extensive woodworking of solid, laminated timber glued with the use of most modern technologies, and by this we guarantee the higher precision of the manufactured products.

Centrum cnc



We have constructed over 300 facilities in Poland. Now we have extended the range of our activity to new EU countries..


Our designers and engineers have developed over 450 designs of various properties.


Wood, as a renewable energy source coming from the sustainable forest management creates the foundation of our achievements.


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