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HBE System

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Modern constructions in wood

A complete house built of the elements in the HBE system meets all the requirements for modern buildings.

  • exceptional quality on account of the high degree of prefabrication and resulting short time of construction work,
  • freedom in the composition and the possibility of individual adaptation of the project owing to large-format construction elements,
  • reliable and externally inspected construction raw material,
  • pleasant climate in the interiors with the control of humidity thanks to the construction with the diffusion method (wood has the capability to absorb, and then release humidity, and by this it ensures its optimum level),
  • excellent protection against noise and fire,
  • the highest capability of heat accumulation when compared with all other construction materials, and thanks to that the best thermal insulation can be obtained in the summer season. The warmth arisen due to solar energy is absorbed for long time and kept, and only its small part gets inside the house. At the night time this mechanism works in opposite way, and it is responsible for the very good and efficient thermal insulation and pleasant climate in rooms and other interiors,
  • freedom in the selection of façade (plaster, clinker or board panelling) opens numerous design possibilities within the both modern and classic architecture,
  • the strength of wood along with its capability for the prolonged storage of CO2 contributes to the positive ecological balance. No competitive construction material cannot be acquired, worked, and used with so low energy consumption, and at the same time, with very low load for the environment. The single components of the structure of walls can be ideally cut with CNC machine tools, and thanks to that they match perfectly one to another. Walls, ceilings, and the roof are erected very quickly in the site and connected between them with appropriately selected and statically calculated fastening elements. So obtained structure is ready right away for further construction work. Since the structural elements have themselves steam-insulation properties, only the joints between them have to be completely tight. The “Blower-Door” tightness tests show the air permeability much lower than 1 h. Another advantage are the surfaces exceptionally easy to be worked,
  • the installation of hanging cabinets and additional furnishing can be carried out directly in wood. The wooden surfaces can remain visible or be shielded with gypsum boards. Also further extensions or construction modifications do not constitute any problem.
  • in Germany the buildings with up to 6 storeys constructed of wooden components have been already erected in accordance with applicable there building law. In 2008 in Berlin first building even with 7 storeys was built.



We have constructed over 300 facilities in Poland. Now we have extended the range of our activity to new EU countries..


Our designers and engineers have developed over 450 designs of various properties.


Wood, as a renewable energy source coming from the sustainable forest management creates the foundation of our achievements.


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