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Fire barrier system of glued laminated timber

In accordance with the European Union Council Directive 89/106/EWG on the building construction products the building facilities must be designed and carried out in such a way that in case of fire:

  • the outbreak of fire and spreading it and smoke in facilities is limited,
  • spreading fire over nearby facilities is limited,
  • users have to have the possibility to leave facility safely,
  • the safety of rescue teams has been taken into consideration.

The HBE FIRE system is a technical solution of the construction of buildings or their element which meets the applicable European standards for the buildings witch increased requirements concerning fire insulation and tightness. The system can find its application everywhere where it is required by appropriate building regulations and where increased fire insulation and tightness is necessary. The walls constructed in the HBE FIRE system meet the requirements of the FI 60 fire barrier.

The HBE FIRE system is composed of such products as:

  • HBE fire wall - walls as fire barriers
  • HBE fire ceiling - ceilings as fire barriers,
  • HBE fire roof - roofs as fire barriers.


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