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Structures from glued laminated timber

We invite to cooperation all the construction companies, design offices, and freelancer designers who are dealing with the construction of the structures of glued laminated timber. Our expertise enables us to verify certain design solutions so that the structures become more economical, and the very wide experience of our design team will enable us to accomplish the most sophisticated architectural visions, as well as the individual investors’ concepts.


We invite to cooperation all the investors interested in the solutions with the use of glued laminated timber already at the designing stage. We will propose the most economical construction solutions. If our firm is commissioned to carry out the structure you will receive the design for free. The competitiveness of our offer results from many year’s experience in designing and implementation of the structures of glued laminated timber.

The many year’s experience of our assembly teams and the high class equipment and power tools guarantee the highest quality of the performance of our services and very short execution times. We are experienced in the construction of various types of structures, such as:
sports and entertainment halls,
industrial / production and storage halls,
swimming pools,
riding arenas,
tennis courts,
timber framed buildings, winter gardens,
religious facilities,
stables, barns,
style facilities, e.g. band shells.

Individual designs

The construction glued laminated timber is the material providing practically unlimited possibilities in the shaping of components. This allows to carry out the most sophisticated individual projects. The vast spans that can be obtained when applying the technology of construction glued laminated timer enable to use to the maximum the surface of a facility with relatively low structure price when compared to other technologies. We supply glued laminated timber elements for all individual projects.

Standard elements

We deliver standard glued laminated timber structure elements. Most of timber sections we always have in our warehouses. Please find below an abridged characteristics of our products:•glued laminated wood obtained from the best north European timber,

•constant, highest quality achieved thanks to the appropriate material selection,

•huge warehouses with more than 60 standard timber sections,

•short times of making individual sections,

•elements in accurate lengths and appropriately packed by wrapping in plastic foil,

•full consultancy in the scope of the construction glued laminated timber,

•timber class: from GL 24 up to GL 32,

•packages or single packing,

•visible quality,

•double quality control,

•resistant to all whether conditions,

•bevelled edges,

•delivery on time.


Continuous cooperation with logistics companies operating in the field of the transportation of both standard and over-dimensional cargos enable us to provide on time deliveries to every location in Poland.

The extensive experience and direct specialization in the transportation of the structures of that type, together with the new transport fleet guarantees the reliability of deliveries. All trucks are fitted out with GPS transmitters and thanks to that we are able to monitor the trucks carrying the structures for our customers.


We have constructed over 300 facilities in Poland. Now we have extended the range of our activity to new EU countries..


Our designers and engineers have developed over 450 designs of various properties.


Wood, as a renewable energy source coming from the sustainable forest management creates the foundation of our achievements.


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